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MTN Afghanistan CEO and Senior Management Visit to Herat Province

As a part of MTN regional strategy MTN Afghanistan Senior Management with the Chief executive officer Mr. Hassan Jaber visited Herat province on Tuesday 17th April 2018. In this trip, Mr. Hassan Jaber met Mr. Mohammad Asif Rahimi the Governor of Herat province and had a fruitful discussion about the challenging and competitive telecommunication environment in the region.

During the meeting Mr. Jaber and the senior management of MTN briefed the governor about the continued huge investments made by MTN in the province which includes the dedicated packet core and 3G network upgrades for Herat province, Mr. Jaber stated that Herat is an important region for MTN and will make further network upgrades and investments whenever required to maintain offering best internet and voice services for the people of Herat.

The Governor appreciated MTNA management for their visit and pledged his support.

After his meeting with the Governor, Mr. Hassan Jaber was warmly welcomed by the provincial police Commander and some provincial council members of Herat. Mr. Hassan Jaber assured them about MTN Afghanistan’s commitment to Herat province and informed them about the investment which MTN has made recently. He also introduced a competitive offer MTN Super Asan Sim pack dedicated to Herat Citizens with amazing benefits. He further instructed Herat local team to continue their efforts in providing best customer experience to the customers , he appreciated the tireless work & devotion of Herat local team struggling and showing efforts day and night to serve the valued customers and provide them innovative and competitive services.

People of Herat showed happiness for the new Super Aasan Sim pack and MTN’s best 3G speed they appreciated that MTN is the only operator who made more investments in the province to improve communication.

MTN Afghanistan is committed to continue the same investments and network upgrades in other regions as well in order to enhance customer experience and improve communication in all over Afghanistan.

About MTN:

MTN Afghanistan is a leading telecommunications operator in Afghanistan as well as in the Middle East and Africa. The company won the second GSM license in Afghanistan in July 2006 and was later re-branded to MTN in 2008. MTN is currently one of the most innovative operator in Afghanistan constantly introducing the latest technologies.

MTN has a key message “Everywhere you go” which represents the company’s commitment to support every aspiration and every dream that our subscribers seek. No matter how far their imagination takes them or their creative ideas lead them, MTN is willing to go everywhere the subscriber wants to go. Through the widest coverage MTN keeps all Afghans connected and in touch with their loved ones and also their work and business. By giving the best prices MTN gives a chance for every Afghan to talk to their heart’s content, telling all the stories, achievements and success that they are able to do every day and everywhere they go.

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