Hourly bundle

Activation Method:

  1. Subscriber can type keyword 61 in text message and send it to 344

Bundle Selection USSD

  • Dial *344#
  • Press 6
  • Press 1

Terms And conditions

  • Bundle will have validity of 00:59:59.
  • Hourly bundle will have priority over all other bundles including off-peak. This will not affect the social bundles as they have a default priority.
  • Subscriber will be informed on expiry and consuming the bundle.
  • The expiry message will not be sent if the bundle is consumed before the validity is expired.
  • Customer will be allowed to do multiple subscriptions.
  • In case of the multiple bundle subscriptions, the new volume will be added to the existing bundle and the validity will reset. The maximum validity of the bundle will not exceed more than one hour.
  • Subscribers will be able to check their remaining MBs through normal USSD and SMS balance inquiry of data.
  • The reply back messages from balance inquiry should only report bundles that has value greater than zero
  • The bundle will be available for prepaid subscribers only.

All other parameters of other data bundles will remain as it is