Lucky Draw

SMS Quiz Trivia Lucky Draw, with this offer subscriber can answer simple questions in their desired language (English, Dari and Pashto) and get a chance in Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Final Grand prize of 1 Million Afghanis lucky draw

DAILY159AFA 10,000
WEEKLY26AFA 50,000


Q1: What is MTN Lucky draw promo?

ANS: The “Everyone is a Winner with MTN” campaign refers to a lucky draw promotion which has prizes to be given with random draws, where MTN subscribers are collecting entries (draw chances) by answering quiz questions in order to participate in the prize draws.

Q2: How to subscribe MTN Luck draw promo?

ANS: customer should send WIN to 241 to subscribe for free. After subscription, customer will be asked to select his/her desired language and then customer will receive flow of questions to answer.

Q3: How much is the subscription charges to lucky draw promo?

ANS: it’s free of cost to subscribe Lucky draw promo. However, customer will be charged only for answering questions

Q4: In How any languages do we offer Lucky draw promo to MTNA Subscribers?

ANS: It’s available in three languages: 1. Dari 2. Pashtu 3. English

Q5: How much will it charge to answer a question?

ANS: Customer will be charged only for answering questions. Customer will receive questions from 240 short code and any reply to this short code, will cost AFA 5/MO SMS.

Q6: How many short codes are used for this service?

ANS: There are two short codes used for lucky draw service.
• 240 • 241
241 is the short code used for subscription, checking points, changing language, stopping & re-joining the service and is free of cost.
240 is the chargeable short code, used for answering quiz questions. Question will be delivered from 240 short codes to customer and each reply to the short code will cost AFA 5/MO SMS.

Q7: What are the amount and number of prizes that will be awarded to winners?

ANS: We’ll have 4 types of prizes - Daily, weekly, monthly & grand prize. During the campaign period, we’ll have 1 winner every day, 1 winner every week and 1 winner every month respectively. There will be a grand prize of 1,000,000 which will be awarded at the end of campaign after 6 months to the lucky winner.

DAILY159AFA 10,000
WEEKLY26AFA 50,000
FINAL- GRAND1AFA 1,000,000

Q8: What are the keywords for subscription, checking points, stopping the service, changing the language and re-joining the service?

ANS: Customer can use below keywords of their chosen/desired language for subscription, checking points, stopping the service, changing the language and re-joining the service.

Keywords Language Dari Pashto Short code
Checking PointsPOINTSامتيازامتياز241
Stopping serviceSTOPترکپریښودل241
Changing Language534241
Re-joining the serviceWinاشتراکګډون241

After the subscription, customer can change his/her desired language anytime, if wish to.

ANS: Each customer can be eligible to be a winner for Daily, weekly, monthly and grand prize but once for each.

Example: If a customer is entitled for daily prize, he/she cannot be a winner for 2nd time to the daily prize but he/she can be entitled to be a winner for other prizes (weekly, monthly or grand prize).

Q10: How many points customer will receive for answering the question right or wrong?

ANS: Each correct answer will grant 5 points to customer and wrong answer will give 2 points to customer.

The more points customer gains, the more chances he/she will have for lucky draw.

Q11: How many points will give a chance to customer for lucky draw ?

ANS: Each point customer gains, will give him/her a chance in lucky draw.

Example: If a customer has 20 points, he/she will have 20 entries in the lucky draw.

The more points customer gains, the same number of chances; he/she will have for lucky draw.

Q12: How will lucky draw process take place ?

ANS: Lucky draw will take place in presence of all stake holders i.e Marketing, RA, BRM & CC.

Q13: How long will lucky draw promo run?

ANS: 6 months

Q14: Will there be tax deduction in the prizes?

ANS: Yes, 20% of the prize amount will be deducted for government tax.

Q15: How will MTN inform the winner and prize distribution process?

ANS: Customer will be informed thru ‘0772222222’ and after successful security check, CC agent will ask customer to visit Share naw CSP with required documents to collect his/her prize.

Q16: What to do if a customer is already subscribed to lucky draw promo but he/she changes mobile set and doesn’t receive the questions?

ANS: Customer should use re-joining keywords to get the questions back.

Keywords are mentioned in table 1.1