Another First from MTN!

GSM Fax Service

MTN Afghanistan is the first GSM operator to launch GSM Fax services for its customers. Now send and receive domestic fax all over Afghanistan where MTN has coverage and International fax to all countries over the world.

The MTN fax enabled SIM card has the capacity to support fax data when it is inserted in the Fixed Cellular Terminal and attached with GSM Fax.


How can I get MTN Fax SIM card?
You can easily get MTN GSM Fax SIM card by visiting our nearest Customer Service Point in Share-e-Naw or Kote- Sangi. You can also call our MTN Sales Help desk 786 from your MTN phone, or call 077 222 2786 from any other network to get MTN Fax enabled SIM card.

What is the cost of this package?

Are there any monthly charges?
No, there is no monthly fee or charge.

What are the charges for outgoing domestic and international faxes?
Normal tariff is applied for fax as it is for the voice calls (5.5 Af/Min to any MTNA number or other domestic GSM or CDMA numbers), international faxing charges start from as low as 12.5Af per minute for some of the destinations.

Are there any charges for incoming faxes?
No, incoming faxes are absolutely free.

How can I recharge/inquire my balance?
For balance recharge and inquiry Simply put your MTN Fax enabled SIM card into any mobile phone and:

For Balance Inquiry: dial *789# and then press OK button.
For Balance Recharge: dial *788* <14 digit recharge code># then press OK button.

Can I use the fax SIM for voice calls?
No, the fax SIM only contains data transfer facility.

How is the MTN SIM card used for fax services?
Simply insert MTN Fax enabled SIM card into the GSM fixed cellular terminal and attach it with a fax machine, start sending and receiving fax now.

Are there any separate top-up cards for Fax?
No, normal top-up cards used for the GSM Fax SIM cards.

What is the validity of different denomination top-up cards?

Denomination (Af) Validity
50 21 Days
150 2 months
250 6 months
500 6 months
1,500 6 months

For Queries, Please contact Khalil Rehman Ahamdzai Mobile: +93772221334