Public Call Office

The Public Call Office (PCO) is aimed at providing both an affordable communication solution and employment opportunities to the people of Afghnaistan

MTN PCO does not only give its consumers higher returns on a very low investment but it will also creates a world of better prospects in terms of a consistent source of income for them.

MTN “PCO” is a SIM card configured for PCO price plan which can be put in a GSM desktop set or any mobile phone and used as PCO (Public Call Office).


How can I get MTN PCO Package?
You can easily get MTN PCO Package by visiting our nearest Customer Service Point in Share-e-Naw or Kote- Sangi. You can call our MTN Sales Helpdesk 786 from your MTN phone, or call 077 222 2786 from any other network to get an MTN PCO enabled SIM card.

What is the cost of this package?
500Af is the price of the SIM card which also includes 250Af airtime in it.

The PCO pack includes;

Items in pack Quantity Unit
MTN PCO SIM Card + 250Af Airtime 1 500Af
PCO Tariff Guide to PCO(s) - International & Domestic 1 Free
MTN PCO Stickers 1 Free
MTN PCO Sign Board 1 Free
MTN Domestic & International tariff sheet 1 Free
PCO Authorization Letter 1 Free

What is the benefit of the PCO business to the operator?
The Operator earns up to 15% to 25% commission on every top-up

When the PCO operators will receive their 15% to 25% Commission?
The PCO Operators will receive their 15% to 25% commission after 24 hours of each top-up.

Are there any additional top-up cards for PCO?
No, there are not, the normal top-up cards can be used for PCO.

What is the validation period of PCO SIM card?
The operators must consume a minimum of 5,000Af per month.

What will happen if any operator fails to consume AF 5000 in one month?
The PCO SIM card will be turned into the normal Pay as you go price plan.

Is this a pre-paid or post paid package?
MTN PCO is a pre-paid package.

Is this a permanent offer?
Yes, it is a permanent offer.

Can I register PCO SIM card for the Me2U service?
No, you cannot register PCO SIM card for Me2U or any other promotional services

Is there any legal agreement or authorization letter for PCO operators?
Yes, any operator who wants to acquire the MTN PCO SIM card, will sign an agreement with MTN and will be given an MTN PCO authorization letter as well.