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MTN Sale & Service Center can be accessed in the following places:

MTN Sale & Service Center 1 Kabul

Shar-e-naw, Park Plaza, near park pump station, Kabul-Afghanistan
Contact No:
077 222 1150  

Email: cc-csp1@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 2 Kabul

Koti-e-sangi, under Ariana Kabul building, Kabul-Afghanistan

Contact No: 077 222 1829

Email: cc-csp2@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 3 Ningarhar

Chawk-e-Daramsal under 5 star hotel, Ningarhar-Afghanistan

Contact No: 077 222 1794

Email: cc-CSP3@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 4 Hirat

Sarak-e-welayat Chaharahi Amiryat in front of agriculture provincial office, Hirat-Afghanistan
Contact No:
077 222 1887

Email: cc-csp4@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 5 Kandahar

Shahidano Chawk under Mumtaz Hotel, Kandahar-Afghanistan
Contact No:
077 222 1883

Email: cc-csp5@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 6 Mazar-e-sharif

Chawk-e-ghazanfar under Aria business center, Mazar-e-sharif Afghanistan
Contact No:
077 222 1841

Email: cc-csp6@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 7 Kunduz

Chawk-e-kunduz Rast-e-namak Bazar, Kunduz Afghanistan
Contact No:
077 222 1848

Email: cc-csp7@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 8 Kabul

2nd part of Khair Khana Golayee Park-Lesee Maryam Temoryaan Market-2nd floor
Contact No:
077 222 1864

Email: cc-csp8@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 9 Parwan

Charekar main squaire, in front of jenai sabeqa, Haji Ghulam sakhi Market
Contact No:
077 222 1869

Email: ksaidkhaily@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 10 Ghazni

Jadeh-e-Bazazi, Market Sarafi Jaded, first floor

Contact No: 077 222 1382

Email: bhamrah@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 11 Takhar

Main Square, Bandar Saray Sang, In front of Cinema, Beside Kabul Bank

Contact No: 077 222 1868

Email: skefayat@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 12 Kabul

Jada-e-Maiwand CSP12, Ghani Market-2nd floor,Kabul, Afghanistan

Contact No: +93772221761

Email: musman@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 13 Baghlan

Baghlan CSP, Sare Chawk Pule Khumri, Baghlan, Afghanistan

Contact No: 077 222 2813

Email: qsorosh@mtn.com.af

MTN Sale & Service Center 14 Khost

Rastay Biland Manzal Ha Khost city, Afghanistan

Contact No: 077 222 1844

Email: nahashimi@mtn.com.af


Malik Asghar Square
Gulbahar Center
Gulbahar Two Third Floor, Shop # C208.

Contact No: 0772221785

Contact Person: Mohammad Akbar Fazelyar

Jawzhan (Shaberghan)

First district, center of city (Amini business center)

Contact No: 775918849

Contact Person: Abdul Rahman

Faryab (Maimana)

Shahid Ahmad Shah Masoud street

Contact No: 766858541

Contact Person: M Ibrahim Qani