Senior Manager: Enterprise Business Unit


  • Reference number: MTNA-EBU-23-Apr-24
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Kabul
  • Organisation Name: MTN Afghanistan
  • MTN Level: 3
  • Posted: 23 Apr 2024

Job requirements

Job Requirements (Education, Experience and Competencies)


  • Degree in Business, Engineering or equivalent.
  • Post graduate Degree a must (MBA preferable)


  • 7 to 10 years relevant experience, in a Multinational environment with at least 4 years’ experience at senior management level in a Telecommunications environment.
  • FMCG

Skills / physical competencies:

  • Vision and direction – Define business unit objectives to ensure that staff at all levels understand expectations and targets. Create a long-term vision of excellence and success, and generate deep-seated excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to that vision
  • Customer Centricity – Internal and External across various touch points.
  • Ability to manage self and team performance, good conflict management, takes and manages accountability
  • Energy & Drive – Innovative, Takes initiative, result oriented and develops self consistently
  • Empower teams to deliver on targets through promoting interaction, cohesion, and synergy
  • Interpersonal Skills – Leadership, customer centricity, collaborative and coaches & develops direct reports
  • Change Maker – Adapting to and influencing change when appropriate or necessary
  • Personal Skills – Trustworthy, integrity and ethical in dealings
  • Operating Skills – Ability to focus on priorities and plans, manages and monitors work effectively
  • Organisational Positioning Skills – Good written and verbal communication, presentation Skills, commitment to the organization
  • Strategic Skills – Global thinker, Analytical thinking and Problem solving abilities.
  • Ability to handle issues with tact and diplomacy
  • Feedback and Coaching

Professional competencies:

  • Strong passion for and knowledge of technology, emerging media, and the Internet; specific interactive strategy experience required
  • Breadth of research/analysis skills including online listening, competitive/marketplace auditing, trend analyses (hot topics), media spend analyses, performance measurement, stakeholder interviews, and customer surveys
  • Strong aptitude for business and financial analysis
  • Demonstrated success working in fast-paced, highly collaborative team environments
  • Tenacious work ethic; passion for delivering results and strong drive for achievement
  • Excellent writing, verbal, and presentation skills
  • Exceptional communication & organizational skills
  • Strong aptitude for business and financial analysis
  • Knowledge of the market and industry

Job description

Job SummaryJob Summary

A highly collaborative role which interfaces with the relevant strategic and operational areas within the Commercial and Technical functions to position MTN Afghanistan Enterprise Business as a leader in providing ISP, Broadband, Managed Data, Carrier Services and Mobile Financial Services to the Afghanistan corporate market as well as the strategic support for digital and emerging business streams.

Enterprise Business Unit – Provide Enterprise Mobile Voice and Data, Carrier Networking, Internet access and Hosting Services to business entities in across all sectors of the Afghanistan economy with the view to optimise clients’ business performance using MTN’s technology, network infrastructure and customisation of products and services in a converged environment.

Digital & New/new – Identify, quantify, and plan for business opportunities enabled by digital technology.

Duties & Responsibilities:Duties & Responsibilities:

Key Tasks: 


  • Develop, plan, and ensure implementation of a winning business plan to create a change in MTNA Business and Mobile Financial Services
  • To drive the key strategic agendas aimed at delivering a comprehensive market proposition for Business Customers and Mobile Financial


  • Maximise market share within the corporate, SME and government environment while ensuring that budget targets are achieved
  • Provide digital advisory and guidance spanning web, mobile, social, search etc.
  • Identify, quantify, and plan for business opportunities achievable through the application and development of solutions and processes enabled by digital technologies including but not limited to Mobile Financial Services.
  • Develop and provide strategic vision with regards to mobile money and mobile financial services to be operationalized through the Regional structure.
  • Provide critical support across a range of digital projects. Utilizing research tools, to generate crucial insights (consumer trends and behaviors, Internet growth and digital technology adoption, corporate financial data, client business results, brand power & positioning, social media conversation trends and qualitative consumer findings)
  • Evaluate digital experiences executed based on qualitative design/functionality assessments as well as quantitative performance metrics in line with market context.


  • Ensure deep understanding of the needs of the customer, and consistently seeks to build an understanding of the customer’s underlying needs.
  • Clearly define and segment business customers in order to understand the needs and trends of the market.
  • Develop, manage and ensure implementation through various channels the customer engagement strategy and ensure superior service delivery at each touch point
  • Develops new approaches or services to better meet stakeholders’ needs and objectives
  • Define and execute a product strategy to meet the needs of the market
  • Create business partnerships and alliances that add value to both partners and MTNA
  • Ensure customer satisfaction levels are maintained in order to minimise churn
  • Develop a MTN Business Solutions culture and reputation for excellence, integrity, reliability and outstanding customer service
  • Fulfilling the gap what is missing from competitors: Services, Quality, and responsiveness


  • Forecast, plan and develop budgets that provide MTNA with return on investment on a consistent basis.
  • Take full accountability for the financial results of the Enterprise Business Division including the consolidated profits and losses of the unit, setting targets, business planning and leading the business unit to the actualisation of those goals
  • Lead a culture of best cost operator by managing costs and productivity, and identifying innovative ways to provide client services in the most cost effective way
  • Leverage Economies of Scale,
  • Ensure that revenue and other sales targets are achieved.
  • Ensure that capital expenditure is kept within budget limits. Make all procurement decisions in terms of capital expenditure

Mobile Financial Services

  • Support in Identification new mobile financial services and assess its fit to clearly outline a financial services roadmap for MTN Afghanistan.
  • Manage cross functional relationship with key internal stakeholders to ensure dedicated focus on mobile money implementation.
  • Supporting in Managing inherent risk associated with Mobile Financial Service by proactively building robust controls and driving user awareness about security issues.


  • Translate market and global trends within the Afghanistan market into company strategy
  • Develop the overall business plan in line with strategy and lead the team to ensure that all targets are met
  • Influence the strategy of MTN Afghanistan through participation in strategic planning sessions and involvement in MTN Group forums
  • Build and lead a credible customer management system (including billing, customer service, help desks, installations and support)
  • Drive the creation of products and commercial processes to support customer business requirements
  • Ensure that IP-data network SLA and Quality of Service criteria are met
  • Deploy efficient drivers to provided competitive Carrier Services.
  • Facilitate critical communication, co-operation and dependencies across the business unit and company so that objectives are achieved
  • Manage external suppliers to ensure customer demands are met
  • Develop integration processes to co-exist with MTN voice business in an efficient manner
  • Ensure clear values propositions to achieve efficiency and bundling solutions.
  • Identify social, economic and political and technological impacts on the organization over the next 5 to 10 years.
Submission Guideline:Submission Guideline:

Interested Afghan Nationals can send their applications and resumes (with three valid references) by May 3, 2024.

Please mention the name of the position for which you are applying in your email subject line.

Applications received after the deadline and those, which do not meet the requirements mentioned above, will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the interview (s).

Submission EmailSubmission Email