Donation for earthquake victims in southeast provinces of Afghanistan

10 January 2023

MTN Afghanistan (CSI) is always considering the national priorities in its social activities. Following to the various social and humanitarian projects through corporate social investment, yet again, MTN Afghanistan (CSI)donated cash amount of 5 million Afghani to Afghan Red Crescent Society for the earthquake in southeast provinces Paktika and Khost.

As per the MoU signed with ARCS, they will cooperate in delivering the donated amount to affected families by the earthquake in the above-mentioned provinces.

The donation was handed over to Afghan Red Crescent Society Director General in presence of media on 5th July 2022 in ARCS headquarter Kabul.

In the handover ceremony, the ARCS Director General, Mawli Mati ul Haq “Khalis” thanked and appreciated MTN Afghanistan for the initiative and committed that they will deliver the cash to affected families in a very transparent way.

This is worth to be mentioned that MTN Afghanistan (CSI) was honored with an award by ARCS for its social activities.

MTN (CSI) is always committed to support Afghan people specially in current economic crisis.