MTN GlobalConnect expands its offering with new customer success centres

30 October 2022

MTN GlobalConnect, a pan-African digital and infrastructure services company, launched its new Customer Success Centres in Ghana and Kenya. Through this initiative it will enhance better customer experience globally, by enabling all support requests to be managed more efficiently.

The Customer Success Centres will include the insourcing of their Network Operations Centre (NOC) and the establishment of a new Service Operations Centre (SOC). This is the first step of their phased investment which forms part of the expansive plans for the region, with Ghana identified as one of their key markets.

Ghana’s Vice President, H.E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia attended the event, and thanked MTN for what he called a ‘bold step’: “Ghana has made tremendous strides in the digitalisation field. And one of the fruits of these strides is the decision to relocate the MTN GlobalConnect network operation centre in our country. This first tangible sign of Ghana’s digital transformation justifies the vision of President Nana Akufo-Addo that Ghana should benchmark itself against the best in the world.”

Following the Vice President Speech, Ghana’s Deputy Minister for Communications and Digitalisation, Hon. Ama Pomaa Boateng shared that the launch of MTN GlobalConnect operations in Ghana marked “another high point in Ghana’s coming of age as a digital hub on the continent”.

I commend MTN Group and MTN GlobalConnect for making the centre possible and for choosing Ghana. The Communications and Digitalisation Ministry will continue to create the enabling environment to facilitate your operations,” she added.

Echoing the Deputy Minister for Communications and Digitalisation’s speech, MTN Group President and CEO, Ralph Mupita, shared that: “MTN GlobalConnect’s commitment to connecting Africa to the world aims to foster innovation and further grow the continent’s digital economy. Adding that “MTN GlobalConnect was bringing its network surveillance and assurance operations capability back to Africa from outsourced suppliers in India.

“The onshoring of these operations demonstrates MTN’s confidence in Ghana and her people as the country accelerates work to develop the digital economy and overcome economic challenges,” he said during the launch of the new centre in Ghana.

MTN GlobalConnect CEO, Frédéric Schepens shared that the opening of the Customer Success Centres was a milestone in the expansion of their business on the African continent. Through our investments, we are committed to supporting both social and economic benefits that will drive direct and indirect job solutions.

“Our Customer Success Centres will enable our business to have tighter control measures and enhance the quality of our customer experience globally, by enabling all support requests to be managed by our specialised MTN GlobalConnect employees. Our key initiative will take us closer to realising our purpose of enabling the benefits of modern connected life for everyone.” concluded Frédéric.

Our new Customer Success Centres will contribute to MTN Group’s strategic intent, Ambition 2025: Leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress, furthering digital and financial inclusion on the continent we call home.