No airtime? No problem! MTN CallMe lets you send a free message to someone to call you back when you have no airtime. MTN CallMe is limited to MTN prepaid customers only, and you can send up to three messages within 24 hours.

How it works

MTN customers can only use an MTN CallMe request if they have zero (0) balance.

It is Convenient
It is free
How to use MTN CallMe

Type < destination number > and send it as an SMS to 2255 e.g. 0772221313 and send to 2255


This service is free of charge.

For more information dial 779 or call 0772222779

CRBT Caller Ring Back TuneCRBT Caller Ring Back Tune


The CRBT service allows you to set a personalised ring-back tone to play your chosen song, tune or melody instead of your regular ring tone for your callers.

How it works

CRBT gives you a unique identity.

How to download CRBTs:

  • To register: SMS ‘REG ‘ to 8863
  • To download CRBT: SMS ‘gets’ < space > ‘song code’ and send to 8863
  • To gift CRBT: SMS ‘gift’ < space > ‘song code(1234)’ < space > ‘b-party number’e.g., 0772221335 and send to 8863
  • To set your desired RBT, dial 8863 follow the voice instruction and choose from available CRBT list
  • You can select the song code from the following list, e.g., downloading AITIBAR NAHI, type: Gets 0051149 and send to 8863

Now you can simply press STAR (*) while calling your friends or family if you wish to copy the tune they have set as their caller tune.

For your convenience, you can dial 779 to contact a CRBT call centre agent who will get you registered to a CRBT service, upload your favourite CRBTs and music packages as per your demand, directly from the system.

Please note: If your CRBT service is not activated and you pressed the star key to copy your friend’s caller tune, your CRBT service will automatically be activated. You will be charged for both copying the tune and activating your CRBT service.

MTN MehrabanMTN Mehraban


MTN Mehraban enables MTNA subscribers to remain connected to loved ones and make calls when they are out of credit. The requester will inform the recipient to pay for their call, on the recipient’s acceptance, the call will be initiated and charges will be deducted from the recipient’s account. The recipient will be charged 4AFS/min.

How it works

​To initiate a call through MTN Mehraban, follow these steps: (where the requester is the initiator and the recipient pays for the call).

Step 1: The requester dials 444

Step 2: The requester listens to a pre-recorded message, selecting the preferred language (English, Dari or Pashto)

Step 3: Upon selecting a preferred language, the requester listens to a prerecorded message that says:’Welcome to the MTN Mehraban service, please enter the 10-digit MTN number you want to request to pay for this call’

Step 4: The requester after entering the 10-digit number, will listen to a pre-recorded message that says:’ < ####### >, to confirm press 1, to re-enter press 2. Please hold while we transfer your request’

Step 5: On confirmation from the requester a pre-recorded message will be played:’Please wait while we transfer your request to the recipient’.The recipient will receive a call with pre-recorded message:’you have a request to pay for this call from < ####### >. To accept press 1, press 2 to reject’

Step 6: The recipient accepts the call, and the call will be initiated between both parties

Step 7: If the recipient rejects this action, a pre-recorded message will be played for the requester: ‘Your call collect request is rejected’

MTN HadyaMTN Hadya

MTN “Hadya” means A party can Gift to B party

Moreover, customers will be able to purchase data and voice bundles for their friend and family members.

This service allows MTN prepaid customers to purchase MTN existing voice and data bundles for others without any charges, the service will be available for the customer on MTN existing USSD menu 344 and 247, the way of getting this service is very simple and easy, customer need to follow up the menu steps.

MTN Hadya “Data”

Bundle Type Prices (AFN) Minutes Keyword MTN Hadya Activation
Daily 15 100MB 12 *344*12*Mobile Number#
Weekly 89 500MB 22 *344*22*Mobile Number#
Monthly 299 1GB 30 *344*30*Mobile Number#
399 2GB 31 *344*31*Mobile Number#
499 4GB 32 *344*32*Mobile Number#
725 8GB 33 *344*33*Mobile Number#
1,399 15GB 34 *344*34*Mobile Number#
2,699 30GB 36 *344*36*Mobile Number#
Combo-1 Monthly 725 6.8GB + 500MB FB + 150 MTN MOU/SMS 35 *344*35*Mobile Number#
Combo-2 Monthly 350 1GB + 350 AFN All-Net 91 *344*91*Mobile Number#
Combo-3 Monthly 600 2.5GB + 600 AFN All-Net 92 *344*92*Mobile Number#
Combo-4 Monthly 850 4.5GB + 850 AFN All-Net 93 *344*93*Mobile Number#
Off-Peak Daily 25 1GB 41 *344*41*Mobile Number#
Off-Peak Monthly 175 10GB 42 *344*42*Mobile Number#
Social Daily 5 50MB 511 *344*511*Mobile Number#
Social Weekly 18 150MB 512 *344*512*Mobile Number#
Social Monthly 50 460MB 513 *344*513*Mobile Number#
Hourly 15 1200MB 61 *344*61*Mobile Number#

MTN Hadya “Voice On-Net”

Bundle Type Prices (AFN) Minutes Keyword MTN Hadya Activation
Hourly 10 50 6 *247*6*Mobile Number#
Daily 5 8 7 *247*7*Mobile Number#
25 85 2 *247*2*Mobile Number#
Weekly 100 420 4 *247*4*Mobile Number#
Bio Weekly 150 850 9 *247*9*Mobile Number#
Monthly 200 1100 5 *247*5*Mobile Number#
499 4200 8 *247*8*Mobile Number#