MTN Afghanistan donated 1200 sets of bed sheets, mattress case and pillow case to 15 provincial hospitals

05 February 2020

MTN Afghanistan foundation donates 1200 sets of bed sheets, mattress cases and pillow cases to 15 provincial hospitals in order to maintain reasonable degree of cleanliness and standard hygiene. The aim of this initiative is to support the provincial hospital with the desperately needed items which can avail a neat and clean environment for the patients. This donation took place with duly coordination with the ministry of public health as the honorable ministry introduced 14 outreached provincial hospitals and Kabul Jamhuriat hospital for such donation considering their high priority and needs.

This donation handed over to Ministry of Public Health on Sunday 17th of December 2017, The General Manager of Corporate Affairs of MTN Afghanistan Mr. Hidayatullah Zahid said, since MTN is always taking into account the highest priorities and categorize the needs of the community, that’s why we have taken such initiative to maintain a hygienic environment in hospitals for our Afghan’s patients. We feel this is our moral responsibility to serve our Afghans in all aspects of their lives.

The Acting Director for Provincial health coordination Mr. Hakim Noori appreciated such donation for 15 hospitals and thanked MTN Afghanistan for their sincere contribution.

This is not the first time MTN is running such health care project as previously MTN Foundation in addition to other projects such as education scholarship, providing free education opportunity and creating well-equipped and modern Computer labs for orphans and School Teachers, distributing blankets to internal displaced and war affected families and so on, deployed its medical crew along with Mobile Clinic to Nangarhar Province for the urgent medical treatment also assists the needy and underprivileged people with Blood Donation for Thalassemia and kango affected patients and such programs & support will be kept up in the future as well.

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