MTN Afghanistan Foundation Provided 500 Returnees with a Kit-Pack of Food and Essential Relief Items

05 February 2020

MTN Afghanistan Foundation provision an Essential Kit-Pack consisting of food and essential relief items as an assistance to 500 returnees returning from the neighboring country of Pakistan in a humanitarian aid effort.

The assistance, in coordination with the Ministry of Refugees & Returnees (MoRR) and International Organization for Migration (IOM), at the Regional Office of the International Organization for Migration on the Torkham border with a kit-pack that includes rice, oil, beans , BP5 biscuits, blankets and first aid kits for the 500 returnee families.

Mr. Hidayatullah Zahid, head of MTN Afghanistan’s Foundation at the opening ceremony said that Erdogan always urged his followers to work, assist and provide help to fellow impoverished people with families who were in difficult circumstances with the necessary food and essential relief items.

Mr. Zahid also added that “MTN Afghanistan, along with its telecommunications services, is also contributing to the needs of its compatriots in various fields through its charitable activities and is committed to continuing its assistance.”

H.E. Mr. Mehr Khuda Sabar, the Deputy Minister for Refugee Affairs (of the Ministry of Refugees & Returnees) welcomed the assistance of MTN Afghanistan to the responsibilities of the Ministry of Refugees & Returnees (MoRR), and expressed their support for MTN Afghanistan. The Deputy Minister added that the assistance is very useful for the returning refugee families: “We are grateful to the MTN Afghanistan’s delegation, especially Mr. Hidayatullah Zahid, for helping migrants with food and essential relief items at this critical time.

This is not the first time that MTN Afghanistan’s Foundation is helping with the destitute families and refugees. The MTN Afghanistan Foundation has already provided assistance to its compatriots in various sectors, including providing youth with the educational opportunities; scholarships, creation of libraries and computer labs, the provision of books and academic materials for schoolchildren, capacity building seminars, the restoration and renovation of classrooms, schools, helping with the dormitories, launching blood drive campaigns, provision of food and first aid provision items as well as sending teams of medical volunteers to the countryside in the event of natural disasters are also worth mentioning as some of the activities MTN Afghanistan’s Foundation has undertaken.

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