MTN Afghanistan once again provided free education opportunity for 600 Afghan Students

05 February 2020

MTN Afghanistan under the umbrella of MTN Foundation provided free education opportunity for 600 Afghan male and female students in different fields, the aim of this initiative is that those students who intend to pursue their studies in the various subjects and have no financial back up or related to low income families that cannot affords to continue their studies with personal expenses can take advantage of this program.

The subject program was taken place in duly coordination with Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs and Ministry of Education with its district branches across the Kabul, as the aforementioned honorable entities introduced 2500 interested candidates to MTN for entry exam from various locality of Kabul city, the entry exam was held on 2nd November-2017 in very professional and  transparent atmosphere as the scene of the exam was overseen by Mr. Kamal Sadat the deputy Minister of youth affairs, management of Shaheen institute and MTN Afghanistan management.

Finally (600) out of 2500 best students were qualified for free education programs i.e. 500 students for one year Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), Diploma in English Language (DEL) and Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) and (100) students found way to semi high education for 2 years program in BCS and BBA. This education program will be carried out in one of the famous institutes of the Kabul city so called Shaheen Institute that duly licensed by Ministry of Education and AISA Holding brand, rich experiences and qualified lecturer located at 8th District of Kabul Afghanistan.

Mr. Hidayatullah Zahid the General Manager for Corporate Affairs in the inauguration ceremony of the program delivered keynote on behalf of Chief Executive Officer of MTN Afghanistan Mr. Hassan Jabber  and said: “MTN Afghanistan management recognized value and importance of the knowledge and development of the Afghan youth in such sensitive circumstances that is why we choose and prefer the free education project, he added: MTN is using incredible efforts to work hard for the best interest of the afghan youths.

Mr. Kamal Sadat deputy minister of youth affairs praised this educational program and said that MTN Afghanistan is helping the youth generation to secure a better future in the years after and can be the next generation leaders of our country.

This is not the first time MTN is running such education program, as previously MTN provided such free education program for 500 afghan eligible male and female students in the same institute which have had very fruitful result.

Worth mentioning that MTN Foundation is constituted under MTN Afghanistan Telecommunication Company, that working for the enhancement of the community in different areas  such as empowering Afghan youth by providing free education opportunity and  creating well-equipped and modern Computer labs for orphans and School Teachers, coloring and renovation of  the schools and universities, providing the School students with the free lesson material and stationaries and conducting free basic computer training across the Kabul,  MTN Foundation also assists  the needy and underprivileged people such as: Blood Donation for Thalassemia and kango affected patients, distributing blankets to internal displaced and war affected families, warm cloths and other necessary items in Baghlan province and deploying its medical crew along with Mobile Clinic of such Foundation to Nangarhar Province for the urgent  medical treatment and to help the people. MTN foundation also takes active part in assisting for the renovation and expansion of the Islamic Education Centers, Schools and universities under the 21 days of Y’ello Care seasonal campaign that taking place every year starting from first day of June and ends for 21 days in all 21 countries that MTN operated in.

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