MTN Afghanistan successfully initiated blood donation Campaign

05 February 2020

This campaign was held at MTN Afghanistan main office, Kabul Afghanistan on 1st Nov-2016, the sole aim of the subject campaign was to assist those sick who are in dear needs of blood transfusion and waiting at every difficult moment of their life   for our generous donation that cannot be purchased against money, moreover to promote the culture of assistance and solidarity in the community we live.

More than 150 Staff Members of MTN Afghanistan with various rink including Chief Executive Officer of the Company Mr Hassan Jabber, were took part voluntarily in such campaign that last for 6 hours in which 80000 CC of blood collected.

The Chief Executive Officer of MTN Afghanistan, Mr Hassan Jabber on the occasion of the campaign said: donating blood is the one of the best priceless gift in life we give to our community, and nothing could  fulfil its cost and compensate on the planet except the reward that might be granted to us by God almighty only, he also added, apart for this we are doing the business in Afghanistan, it is our moral responsibility to help and support the underprivileged and needy people of the community we are operating in, he also appreciated the efforts and vision of MTN Foundation and all staff Members voluntarily donated their blood for the noble cause.

The General Manger of Corporate Affairs of the company  and in charge of MTN Foundation said: since MTN is always taking into account the highest priorities  and categorize the needs of the community, that’s why, it kike off the blood donation initiative as it was  most required and vital  important for such sick badly suffered from Thalassemia and Kango, he also strongly urged other people living in the community having good health to roll up their sleeves and donate such God-Given gift to their needy brothers and sister that may save  their life,

he also added that MTN is always reaching itself to the truly service of Afghan people that grabbed  in extremely difficult circumstances, which granting 500 scholarships for eligible and qualified students, distributing of blankets, warm cloths and other necessary items and goods  in Baghlan  province and deploying its medical crew along with Mobile Clinic of MTN Foundation to Nangarhar Province for the urgent  medical treatment and assistance of earthquake affected people and distribution of blanket, worm cloths and food on the war-displaced  and earthquake effected people, assisting for the renovation and expansion of the Masque ، distributing stationary and other necessary lesson materials on the student of high schools of Kabul, painting and renovation of classes and creating Computer Club for orphanage  across the Kabul under the 12 days of Y’ello Care Campaign that taking place  each year starting from day first of June and lasts for 21 days in all 21 countries that MTN operated in, are the good and outstanding  examples for them.

The Representative of Central Blood Bank of Afghanistan deeply praised such initiative of MTN and said, such campaign held by MTN, surly proves that MTN is not only doing their business but hold itself responsible for the saving life of needy and underprivileged people of the community, and I want to make sure you that the blood donated from MTN employees will be utilised for well qualified and entitled people that deserved for free.

This is the several  Blood donation Campaign organised  by MTN Afghanistan in  collaboration with the   Blood Bank of Afghanistan.

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