MTN Hosted the First Ever Y’ello Career Day for the Youth

04 February 2020

MTN ended its annual 21 Days of Y’ello Care campaign by holding the Y’ello Career Day; where youth visited the MTN headquarters in 24 countries where MTN operates. The theme for 2018’s 21 Days Y’ello Care programme was Youth Empowerment. To this end, MTN-Afghanistan had built a capacity building center at the Administration for Youth Affairs inside the Ministry of Information & Culture. MTN-Afghanistan has also built a fully equipped computer lab in the city of Herat for the young people of the city and provided capacity building training to raise their capabilities and develop their professional skills.

MTN-Afghanistan held the first ever Y’ello Career Day on June 28th, 2018, inviting over a hundred of youth to its head office in Kabul City.

At the commencement of the Y’ello Career Day inside MTN-Afghanistan OPCO, the MTN team gave a presentation on MTN’s Mobile Money service to attendees. Later on, Mr. Laiq Shah Zadran, the Director of Cultural Affairs and Youth Volunteer Program of the Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs (MoIC), as well as Mr. Seyed Javid Andish, Partner of ACB Bank and the head of the Karwan University- delivered speeches about youth and technology as well as about the secrets of their success, respectively.

“We did not have such opportunities in my time,” said Mr. Laiq Shah Zadran. “You are a fortunate group who received this opportunity, and I monitor MTN’s activities, especially that of Mr. Hassan Jaber (CEO of MTN-Afghanistan) and Mr. Hidayatullah Zahid, head of MTN-Afghanistan’s Corporate Affairs), thank you and thanks to MTN for providing the youth with such opportunities.”

Additionally, Seyed Javid Andish when delivering a speech said “treat this opportunity as a treasure and use it to its greatest extent; successful people always work tirelessly and take full advantage of the opportunities they are presented.”

Some of the youth on behalf of the visiting group expressed gratitude to MTN-Afghanistan for facilitating such an event. They recognized the benefits of such event as this was a new experience for them.

As planned in the last phase of the program, the Y’ello Career Day participants visited different departments of MTN-Afghanistan’s in groups according to their field of study and professional background.

The young students gained exclusive access to observe many activities and departments of MTN’s day-to-day operations. In order to gain direction in life and set new, higher career goals and objectives. This visit will give Afghan youth the opportunity to raise their professional horizons and skills, as part of MTN’s commitment to bring about positive change in the communities it works in.

MTN Afghanistan has previously made available educational opportunities to 600 students by providing scholarships in the educational and capacity building institutions, and has set up educational programs to raise the capacity of the instructors with training seminars, curriculum materials, libraries and mobile language classes. MTN has also helped the less fortunate by making charitable donation of clothing and holding

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