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Service Center addresses

No CSP Name Exact location
1 Shahr-e-Now KBL Shahr-e-Now
2 Kot-e-Sangi KBL Kot-e-Sangi
3 Khair Khana KBL Khair Khana
4 Jad-e-Maiwand KBL Jad-e-Maiwand
5 Gulbahar Center KBL Gulbahar Center
6 Kart-e-Now KBL Kart-e-Now
7 Dashti Barchi KBL Dashti Barchi

Automated channels (Self service)

Service name Shortcode/Contact #
SIM Registration (WhatsApp) 772222222
Transaction history *888#
SIM Swap *888#
Check SIM registration status *888#
Device settings *667*
Bundle activation via IVR 247
Damage voucher 775111779