MTN Web Learn Easy online Learning Portal is an e-learning platform that
provides upskilling opportunities for students and young professionals aged
around 20 years and above. The service offers over 500 easy-to-understand
video tutorials, designed to bridge the gap in skills required to
excel in the workplace. Upon completion, users are provided with an online
certificate as well.

Available Courses:

  • Web Designing (HTML, PHP)
  • Web Designing (WordPress)
  • Digital Marketing
  • MS Excel + VBA
  • MS Access + VBA
  • Presentation Skills
  • Android Studio
  • Python Programming
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • MySQL Server
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • JavaScript
  • Business Email Writing

To access the portal, subscribers would have to activate one of the
packs mentioned in the below table by accessing the

Pack Type Validity Price Point
WebLearnEasy – Daily Pack 1 Day AFA 4
WebLearnEasy Portal – Weekly Pack 7 Days AFA 15
WebLearnEasy – Weekly Pack FallBack1 4 Days AFA 7
WebLearnEasy – Weekly Pack FallBack2 2 Days AFA 4
WebLearnEasy – Monthly Pack 30 Days AFA 35
WebLearnEasy – Monthly Pack FallBack1 15 Days AFA 18
WebLearnEasy – Monthly Pack FalBack2 5 Days AFA 10