MTN products and services in one click

With My MTNA app you can have fast and easy access to the MTN products and services like, bundles activation, sending airtime, balance check and more. Download My MTNA app from and App Store now.


How to Install My MTNA?How to Install My MTNA?
  1. Download “my MTNA” application from Google Play by clicking Download link.
  2. Install and launch the application.
  3. Allow permission to make and manage phone calls:
  4. Allow permission to send and view SMS messages:
  5. Launch screen appears:
  6. Tap CONTINUE button on welcome page:
  7. Tap CONTINUE on Permission page:
  8. Tap on “my MTNA” item on Accessibility page:
  9. Enable “my MTNA”, then keep tapping BACK until you return to the application:
  10. Wait until application will be ready for the first use:
  11. Make registration with Social Networks or with your email address:
  12. Allow “my MTNA” to access your contacts:
  13. Type your email address, first and last names then tap CONTINUE button:
  14. Select contacts which you want to connect and tap FINISH.
  15. Confirm share or invite by SMS then tap OK:
  16. Home page appears:
  17. To activate DATA, VOICE or SMS bundle tap on the one of available button:
  18. Tap on ACTIVATE button and will receive status confirmation shortly.