My MTN Application

1.Download “my MTNA” application from Google Play by clicking Download link.

2.Install and launch the application.

3. Allow permission to make and manage phone calls:

4.Allow permission to send and view SMS messages:

5. Launch screen appears:

6.Tap CONTINUE button on welcome page:

7.Tap CONTINUE on Permission page:

8.Tap on “my MTNA” item on Accessibility page:

9.Enable “my MTNA”, then keep tapping BACK until you return to the application:

10.Wait until application will be ready for the first use:

11.Make registration with Social Networks or with your email address:

12.Allow “my MTNA” to access your contacts:

13.Type your email address, first and last names then tap CONTINUE button:

14.Select contacts which you want to connect and tap FINISH.

15.Confirm share or invite by SMS then tap OK:

16.Home page appears:

17.To activate DATA, VOICE or SMS bundle tap on the one of available button: 

18.Tap on ACTIVATE button and will receive status confirmation shortly. 

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